About Keith

Keith White Jr. is an American author of children’s books, radio personality, screen writer, film director, occasional actor and writer/contributor to various websites. He is most well-known as the author and illustrator of the “Color-With-Me” Adventure series of children’s books. The first of which, Andrew and the Pirates, was released on April 13, 2013.

Keith wrote his first book Andrew and the Pirates as a way to help both his son’s confidence and his schoolwork. After the success of Andrew and the Pirates Keith began work on his second book Big Top Andrew. As of 11 February 2016 there are 31 books in the “Color-With-Me” series. Each book features 10 chapters. The chapters are followed by a picture to color based on what was just read. The “Color-With-Me” books have been the focus of articles in several newspapers and magazines, and White has been a special guest at various events around the New York area.

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